Phototherapy and PUVA: Course Feedback

Phototherapy and PUVA – Course Feedback

Class of November 2019:

Average assessment score 84.42% – 8 delegates scored 90% or more!

Class of March 2019:

Student Feedback 2019

A selection of comments from a multi-professional group of students:

Very Helpful and practical course

I thought the course was very comprehensive and the tutors very knowledgeable


Great course, well organised and kept to time!

Excellent course. Cemented my phototherapy knowledge. Lots of Dermatology experience but little hands on phototherapy. Has really helped me gain in depth knowledge on how phototherapy works, best practice guidelines. Evidence based information was extremely helpful to support the training.

I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative especially as I haven’t yet started in the Dermatology Department. The delivery of the course was excellent.

I really enjoyed this course, it is quite intense but definitely helpful. I have gained a lot from it as I start work in my phototherapy department. I would recommend this course to any health care professional who is going to/already working in this area.

A very worthwhile course to attend. Information given is important to run a phototherapy unit efficiently and protect the patient from harm.

A very well organised, detailed and relevant course which is well delivered. Would recommend for all trainee dermatologists and dermatology nurses.

Class of October 2017:

Class of May 2016:


Class of January 2016:

Class of November 2015:


Class of May 2015:


Student Feedback

A selection of comments from our multi-professional students:

I would recommend this course to physiotherapists and nurses alike. Very thorough and inclusive.

This course gave me excellent knowledge base for my clinical practice I feel more confident carrying out phototherapy in my clinical setting. Excellent & knowledgeable presenters.

Really enjoyed the course. Thoroughly well organised. Very useful to have up to date policies and procedures and protocols that can be shared within our own practices. Excellent speakers. Thank you.

Very informative course, provided with great learning materials. Tutors happy to answer any questions. Being new to phototherapy I feel more confident after attending this course.

Very friendly, knowledgeable teaching staff which made learning the content easy.

This course provides a great insight and awareness of the delivery of home phototherapy for patients.

Great course! A very well presented, informative course from incredibly knowledgable staff.

As a novice in phototherapy I found the course very informative and educational. It has given me knowledge and confidence to practice competently and safely.

I would recommend colleagues to attend this course as there are areas of practice that need highlighting in our own practice : NICE/BAD guidelines regarding health professional administering phototherapy. This is an issue most likely to be raised with our management/HCP.