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Chris Edwards and Bev Gambles have worked together for many years delivering phototherapy training for health care professionals throughout the UK, Europe, Middle and Far East.

The Newport Phototherapy Training Team offer ongoing support and professional advice to anyone completing our courses.

Chris Edwards, PhD, MIPEM


Chris obtained a first degree in Health Physics, then spent a brief time in industry as a Nuclear Power instrumentation Engineer. He then obtained a PhD in high frequency ultrasound for skin imaging from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

This was followed by 15 years as a research lecturer in Skin Bioengineering in the Dermatology department of the University of Wales College of Medicine. Here his post involved the design, construction and use of instruments to measure skin properties, and he had a special interest in photobiology of the skin. He gained much experience in the design, running and analysis of clinical research trials.

For the last 16 years Chris has run the phototherapy service in Newport, and has continued his research into phototherapies.

Chris is a member of the Radiation Protection Special Standing Advisory Group, a Welsh Assembly Government advisory sub-committee. He is a committee member of the British Photodermatology Group and is co-author on the national guidelines on minimum standards for phototherapy and ultraviolet dosimetry in phototherapy. He was appointed to Wales Research Ethics Committee in October 2019.

Chris is Health Board lead for research education and advises on research methodologies and statistics. He chairs the Intellectual Property Group. He is the Laser Protection Advisor to Aneurin Bevan Health Board and is a Member of the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) for MHRA database research. He has served as topic expert to the NICE Neonatal Phototherapy Guideline Update group and is on the panel of Expert Advisers for the Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE.

Recent Publications

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Bev Gambles BA PGCE (FE) RGN


Bev has worked in dermatology for over 30 years, initially as a staff nurse on the dermatology ward and for the last 17 years as a specialist nurse running the phototherapy department at the University Hospital of Wales. She has a longstanding interest in education and obtained a teaching degree after completing a Batchelor of Arts degree.

Bev has been involved in the development of academic dermatology courses for nurses and other healthcare professionals at both diploma and degree level. She is also involved in teaching phototherapy and providing training to healthcare professionals.

Bev is interested in developing a home phototherapy service, bringing care closer to the patient’s home. She completed her Masters Degree in Clinical Research in 2015 and her research study was in the delivery of home phototherapy for dermatology patients.

In addition to her role as a specialist nurse in phototherapy, Bev has recently taken on the position of a dermatology research nurse for Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust where one day a week is dedicated to this post

Bev is an active member of the British Dermatology Nursing Group and has spoken at conferences both nationally and internationally.

Recent Publications – Bev Gambles

Mamtora A Gambles B Lloyd A Katugampola R Kalavala M Phototherapy for paediatric dermatoses: data from a single- centre retrospective study (2016) BJD 175 :160-175

A phenomenological study of the psoriasis patient receiving home phototherapy Dermatological Nursing (2016) 15; 2: 42-47